The pros and cons of RegCure tool

Published: 03rd September 2008
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RegCure is one of the tools that scans, diagnoses and repairs windows registries. If you are willing to pick up registry repair tool then you need to read this article. We will discuss the pros nad cons of the RegCure tool. Let us first allow you to take deep inside to reveal the facts -

Running a registry scan can take some time. RegCure comes with a scan scheduling feature that allows you to set a scan time when your PC will not be busy. This also makes regular interval scanning simple.

Allowing the user the option of automatic or manual registry fixing caters to all grades of registry knowledge. A power user can choose to check each fix before having it applied, whereas a home user can have RegCure to take care of all fixes automatically.
Repairing the Windows registry will usually ensure an increase in the speed at which the PC operates. The performance increases will depend entirely on what state your registry is in before being repaired.

Although it is not common, whenever changes are made to the Windows registry (automatic or manual), further corruption can occur. There are so many layers of information in the registry that fixing one issue can sometimes create further issues.

None of the registry repair software should be used without ensuring that you have safeguarded your data and PC. That is, don't assume that because the RegCure will fix your registry errors that you don't have a role to play in ensuring nothing goes wrong with your PC. It will attempt to fix all the registry issues, but it is always extremely wise to use the backup registry feature so that you have a fall back position should some issue occur whilst repairing the registry

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